Frigoglass is committed to a high standard of corporate governance. Our Board and Management have a proactive approach to managing and driving sustainability throughout the organization.

Sustainability issues at Frigoglass are managed as follows:

Human resources committee

Provides strategic guidance on social responsibility, diversity, talent management and training.

Corporate compliance committee

Decision making on cases related to the Speak-Up policy.

Head of corporate governance

  • Responsible for all corporate governance issues and the development of related policies.
  • Develops and manages the Code of Business Conduct and the Speak-Up policy


  • Signs-off the Sustainability Report.
  • Reviews company-wide audit report findings.
  • Oversees risk and opportunities identification processes.

Quality and FES director

Reviews and approves the Sustainability Report.

Sustainability manager

  • Manages sustainability actions across the company.
  • Monitors and reports the sustainability progress.
  • Provides input and reviews the Sustainability Report.

To find out more about our sustainability governance you can download our sustainability reports via the following link.

Sustainability Reports