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At Frigoglass, we believe in open communication about our capital structure and recent developments. Our funding sources primarily involve bond financing and bilateral facilities with trusted relationship banks. In a recent milestone, on April 27, 2023, Frigo DebtCo plc (the 'Issuer') issued €75 million 4.00% Cash Interest and 7.00%/8.00% PIK Toggle Interest Senior Secured Notes due 2026 and €150 million Senior Secured Second Lien Notes due 2028 (the 'Reinstated Notes'). These endeavors play a crucial role in shaping our financial landscape, and we invite you to delve deeper into the details below.


Senior Secured Notes and Reinstated Notes

The Senior Secured Notes are guaranteed on a senior secured basis and the Reinstated Notes are guaranteed on a junior secured basis by certain of our subsidiaries (the “Guarantors”) and secured by certain assets of the Issuer and the Guarantors.

  The Senior Secured Notes The Reinstated Notes
Aggregate Principal Amount €75,000,000 €150,000,000
Issuer Frigo DebtCo plc Frigo DebtCo plc
Status Senior Secured Notes Senior Secured Second Lien Notes
Issue date April 27, 2023 April 27, 2023
Maturity date April 27, 2026 April 27, 2028
Interest 4% cash + 8% PIYC (1.0% less if fully paid in cash)

Prior to December 31, 2023:
2% cash + 9% PIYC (1.0% less if fully paid in cash)
January 1, 2024 onwards:
3% cash + 8% PIYC (1.0% less if fully paid in cash)

Interest payment dates Semi-annually on November 1 and May 1 in each year Semi-annually on November 1 and May 1 in each year
Interest record dates The Clearing System business day immediately preceding the related interest payment date The Clearing System business day immediately preceding the related interest payment date
Denominations €1,000 / €1 €1,000 / €1
Stock market listing Vienna Stock Exchange Vienna Stock Exchange
Identification numbers

Rule 144A Notes
ISIN: XS2603998704 Common Code: 260399870

Reg S Notes
ISIN: XS2603998456 Common Code: 260399845

IAI Notes
ISIN: XS2603998886 Common Code: 260399888

Rule 144A Notes
ISIN: XS2603999181 Common Code: 260399918

Reg S Notes
ISIN: XS2603999264 Common Code: 260399926

IAI Notes
ISIN: XS2603999009 Common Code: 260399900


The Issuer, a public limited company, is incorporated under the laws of England and Wales having its seat in London and a registered address at Frigo DebtCo Pcl, Portman House, 2 Portman Street London, W1H 6DU.


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