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Frigoglass Group is a trusted strategic partner for the world's foremost beverage brands, delivering innovative cooling solutions and comprehensive asset management services to both corporate clients and discerning consumers. We also proudly lead as the primary supplier of glass packaging solutions in the burgeoning markets of Africa.

With almost three decades in the ICM business and nearly 50 years in the glass industry, we've forged a robust legacy synonymous with innovation, energy efficiency, and top-notch services.

Internationally recognized for six consecutive years for responsible business practices spanning Environment, Labor, Fair Business Practices, and Sustainable Procurement, Frigoglass Group consistently ranks in the top 1% of its industry.

Driven by a commitment to excellence, we continuously push the boundaries of innovation and sustainability. Our dedication to energy efficiency not only aligns with global environmental goals but also ensures that our solutions stand at the forefront of industry standards.


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Embark on a journey to discover Frigoglass at a glance, where numbers tell our story. Explore key metrics and figures that define our legacy, innovations and global impact, from the number of employees to our international recognition for responsible business practices.

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Discover Frigoglass


We cool the future.
We preserve the freshness.

Our vision is to be the leading supplier of cooling and glass packaging solutions and drive exceptional consumer experiences. We unite innovation, sustainability, and unmatched quality to make a positive impact to our business ecosystem and the environment.


We win together, we are part of one global team.


We honor our commitments, we care for the world where we operate.


We act ethically, we lead by example.


We strive for excellence in everything we do.


Leading Commercial Coolers Product Portfolio, Service growth and Glass operations

We boast the sector’s leading Commercial Coolers product portfolio, distinguished by design, quality, and energy efficiency. Our focus remains on nurturing robust relationships with the world’s premier customers and brands. Leveraging our manufacturing footprint spanning Europe, Asia, and Africa, we produce coolers near their final placement, reducing logistics costs and supply chain complexity.

Additionally, we prioritize the growth of Frigoserve, Frigoglass’ Asset Performance Services division, which enhances our hardware offering, which in turn maximizes the longevity of our clients’ investments and ensures the sustained reliability of display coolers. Frigoserve, with its steady and predictable long-term service revenue model, presents a substantial avenue for growth compared to the more seasonal hardware business.

Betaglass, operating in Africa's largest economy, is a well-managed and high-performing business. Boasting three facilities, an esteemed brand, and a significant employment footprint in Lagos and the Delta region, Betaglass is poised for expansion. Our strategy involves building on these strengths, addressing customer preferences for various glass container colors and shapes, and fostering continued growth in the business.


Corporate Governance

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