Glass Containers
by Beta Glass

Beta Glass specializes in producing an extensive range of glass containers, spanning from 30ml to 1.5 Litres, offered in White Flint, Amber, and Emerald Green colours.

Beta Glass, a Frigoglass Group member, is a pivotal partner for international beverage bottlers in Africa, supplying superior glass packaging solutions.

As the largest glass container manufacturer in the region, we prioritize precision, diversity, and global impact, providing excellence in products and services to soft drinks, beer, spirits, cosmetics, and pharmaceutical sectors. With strategic priorities in innovation, sustainability, and operational efficiency, we offer a comprehensive solution by integrating glass, crates, and crowns, simplifying operations for beverage manufacturers.

Our Market

Although our main concentration lies in serving the Nigerian market, we also distribute top-tier glass containers to various countries throughout West and Central Africa, such as Republic of the Congo, Gabon, Cameroon, Angola and more.


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Sustainability Strategy

Our focus on quality, innovation, and ethical practices drives economic growth, environmental responsibility, community engagement, and a progressive workplace. Guided by Net Zero commitments, we prioritize emission reduction, energy efficiency, and social well-being, contributing to a sustainable and resilient future.

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