Quality Excellence

The Frigoglass Excellence System (FES) is a comprehensive operational platform that seamlessly integrates corporate principles and culture with operating systems, methods, and tools.


Elevating Quality Operational Standards

The Frigoglass Excellence System (FES) is a comprehensive operational platform that seamlessly integrates corporate principles and culture with operating systems, methods, and tools. It embraces all aspects of supplier management, manufacturing operations, product innovation, and, of course, people development. Our overarching goal is to generate value for our customers, comprising best-in-class quality, differentiation, competitive offerings, and timely availability.

At the heart of FES is the underlying principle to strive for continuous improvement in all operational aspects, leveraging a solid foundation of values such as Belonging, Integrity, and Ownership.


Robust Processes for Superior Products

Quality is at the core of all operations at Frigoglass, starting from the supplier side and extending to the manufacturing of coolers, glass, crates and crowns, all the way to ensuring a superior customer experience. We implement robust quality gates during product conceptualization and development, aiming to deliver coolers of high reliability and outstanding performance while meeting international standards and customer protocols. The same integrated approach is followed during the production of crated bottles so that our qualitative products fulfill our customers’ quality criteria.

Four pillars of Frigoglass Quality Roadmap to Excellence


Four pillars of Frigoglass Quality Roadmap to Excellence

Frigoglass bases its quality principles on four main pillars.

These pillars form the foundation of our commitment to delivering exceptional quality across all aspects of our operations.

01Establishing and improving Quality Management Systems

02Identifying the best quality practices across all plants of the Group and standardizing manufacturing processes for continuous quality improvement

03Bringing quality upstream in the product development cycle of coolers and glass products to identify and alleviate risks through innovative design approaches

04Promoting Quality Assurance principles by establishing necessary quality procedures within plant operations.


Frigoglass's Commitment to Unrivaled Quality Standards

Frigoglass is unwavering in its commitment to high-quality coolers and qualitative glass solutions, a commitment upheld through the digitalization of all workflows related to Quality data and reporting. Our effective Quality Management Systems (QMS) encompass:

- Supplier Quality management achieved by establishing a framework of quality requirements, conducting regular supplier evaluations/inspections, and fostering collaborations based on specific quality metrics.

- Continuous integration of Quality procedures across the Coolers' production sites and Glass products manufacturing sites in Africa, embedding Quality principles in all stages of manufacturing processes to alleviate production risks.

- Management of customer complaints through a state-of-the-art customer complaints platform, capable of collecting necessary field data and reporting through a robust Business Intelligence (BI) system, ensuring swift reactions to customer requirements and optimized technical solutions.


ISO Standards and Quality Assurance

Explore our certifications and discover the unwavering dedication to quality that defines Frigoglass.

ISO certifications:
  • ISO-9001: Quality Management Systems
  • ISO-14001: Environmental Management Systems
  • ISO-45001: Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems
  • ISO-27001: Information Security Management Systems
  • SA-8000: Social Accountability Management System


Other Accreditations related to Quality assurance and Food Safety System Certifications:
  • ISO-17025: Accreditation Certificate
  • GREEN Approved Status in The Coca-Cola Company - SUPPLIER GUIDING PRINCIPLES/HUMAN RIGHTS POLICY and Full compliant rating in SEDEX (SMETA 6.1)
  • FOOD SAFETY SYSTEM CERTIFICATION 22OOO: Meeting stringent food safety standards
  • FSSC 22OOO (ISO 22000:2018): Guaranteeing excellence in food safety management



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