Sustainable Sourcing

At Frigoglass, sustainable sourcing is at the heart of our commitment to environmental responsibility. We strategically partner with suppliers to create a greener future by prioritizing eco-friendly solutions, reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and maximizing competitive local sourcing for a positive impact on the planet.

Strategic alliances with our suppliers to foster sustainable development.

Sustainability is an integral part of Frigoglass, woven into every aspect of our value chain with suppliers being key stakeholders. We uphold a commitment to responsible operations rooted in honesty and integrity, extending this expectation to our suppliers.

Being a global corporation, our aim is to build strategic alliances with suppliers, fostering sustainable development. Together, we develop environmentally friendly solutions, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and promote competitive local sourcing where feasible.

Our suppliers contribute with high-quality, innovative, and fully recyclable materials, energy-efficient components and state-of-the-art equipment, enabling us to remain competitive and meet sustainability goals.

Moving forward, we are dedicated to deepening our commitment to sustainability across our value chain.

Our Supplier Code articulates adherence to the mutual fundamental principles of honesty and integrity encompassing ethics, labor, human rights, health and safety, and environmental performance,




We actively engage in responsible procurement, fostering sustainable relationships with suppliers worldwide.


Supplier Assessment and Collaboration

With operations and plants spanning multiple countries, we are committed to fostering honest and sustainable partnerships with our strategic suppliers. Our audit process aims to cover 100% of all new suppliers and those accounting for over 90% of our total annual spend.

Since 2018, Frigoglass has embarked on a new phase in our Corporate Social Responsibility journey. We have initiated a program to monitor social and environmental performance, collaborating closely with key strategic suppliers, representing approximately 50% of our Annual Raw Material Spend, to actively enhance their annual reviews within this framework.

Our focus is on expanding supplier participation in platforms that enable business transparency, offering a user-friendly way to evaluate their performance across key areas: Environment, Labor Rights, Ethics, and Sustainable Procurement.


Frigoglass Excellence System (FES)

The Frigoglass Excellence System (FES) is a comprehensive operational platform that seamlessly integrates corporate principles and culture with operating systems, methods, and tools.

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