Sustainability is an integral part of how Frigoglass does business. It directly informs our growth strategy and supports key business platforms around operations, innovation and the environment.

At Frigoglass, our sustainability strategy is underpinned by a set of guiding principles; in specific, upholding high professional standards, being transparent, trusted and fair, fostering a culture of partnership and collaboration, valuing the long-term relationships with our customers and suppliers, and leading by example to create a more sustainable future. Our group-wide corporate responsibility framework focuses on four areas, which are complementary and mutually supported: Marketplace, Environment, Workplace and Community.

Aligning and harmonizing our sustainability and business strategies facilitates implementation as well as employee engagement. It also allows us to increase our impact and engagement with stakeholders. We are committed to manage our impact on the environment and to support the communities where we operate; going forward we will continue to embed sustainability across our business and strive for continuous improvement.

Environmental Policy


To find out more about our sustainability strategy and our recent related activities you can download our sustainability reports via the following link.

Sustainability Reports