Sustainable sourcing

Sustainability at Frigoglass is embedded throughout our value chain and suppliers are key stakeholders in Frigoglass. As we have grown into a global corporation, one of our primary goals is to create strategic alliances with our suppliers to foster sustainable development. We work with our suppliers to develop environmentally-friendly solutions and to reduce greenhouse gas emissions associated with our products and operations. In addition, a global operating environment means that the impacts from Frigoglass’ suppliers’ logistical activities affect the environment in a number of ways. These operations consume space, energy and fuel and represent multiple emissions burdens. At the same time they offer significant opportunities to create lasting positive impacts. The contribution of our suppliers is crucial and we rely on them for the supply of high quality, innovative and recyclable materials, energy-efficient components and state-of-the-art machinery. Strong supplier partnerships also allow us to collaborate to reduce our transportation and warehousing emissions and extend the scope of our carbon emissions data assessment and reporting. Working together with our suppliers enables us not only to remain competitive but also achieve the sustainability goals of our business as well as those of our customers and we have focused on improving these partnerships through the alignment of goals, expectations and targets. Going forward, we continue to work towards fully embedding sustainability throughout our value chain and engaging further in this area with our suppliers.



Frigoglass supplier code

Frigoglass is committed to operate with unconditional honesty and integrity – we expect our suppliers to do the same, adhering to specific key operating principles, across all their activities and operations. The Frigoglass Supplier Code sets out these basic principles and minimum standards we expect from our suppliers in the areas of ethics, labor, human rights, health and safety, and environmental performance. To view the Frigoglass Supplier Code click on the following link.

Frigoglass Supplier Code


Procurement & logistics overview

The Procurement & Logistics function is a key enabler for achieving the strategic priorities of Frigoglass.

Procurement: Strategic Procurement supports the short and long term business objectives of Frigoglass for sustainable growth, quality and competitiveness through the effective development and management of the supply base. Our objective is to build strategic supplier relationships with key suppliers & partners and direct the flow of goods and services, while planning the activities of purchasing managers in purchasing materials, products and services. Key responsibilities of Strategic Procurement include the following:

  • Developing and implementing strategies, policies and processes.
  • Building and managing strategic partnerships with key suppliers, vendors and contractors through framework agreements and executing supplier integration plans.
  • Designing & optimizing the supplier network.
  • Developing a global supply base of critical components in alignment with the needs of Operations, based on the established criteria for suppliers’ evaluation.
  • Leading the development of a culture of continuous improvement utilizing LEAN concepts, tools and methodologies to eliminate waste.
  • Optimizing total cost and improving quality.
  • Conducting market research for new technologies and materials in order to efficiently support the new product development procedure.
  • Keeping abreast of developments, implementing best practices and building upon existing knowledge, methods and systems.

Logistics: the Logistics function is responsible for the strategic design as well as the continuous development and implementation of world-class policies, processes and tools in the areas of warehousing and distribution optimization, in order to drive customer satisfaction through lead time reduction, cost efficiencies and reliable supply. Moreover, Logistics function plays a central role in supporting key transformational business projects, such as the all-important execution and roll-out of Frigoglass integrated services offering.

Supplier base

Supplier integration and consolidation are key priorities of our Procurement & Logistics function. Through the reconfiguration of the supply base, the early involvement of suppliers in the product & systems development process and their gradual integration to our day-to-day operations, we continuously improve quality, service, lead times and reduce costs. Currently, our geographically diverse supplier base consists of approximately 400 suppliers across 55 material categories.

Information for suppliers

Classification of suppliers:

  • Candidate suppliers: Suppliers who will be evaluated in order to become (if successful) approved suppliers.
  • Potential suppliers: Candidate suppliers who have passed successfully the operational evaluation and who are asked to participate in the annual RfQ process.
  • Approved suppliers:  Suppliers who have passed successfully the commercial evaluation. Approved suppliers are listed in the Approved supplier list. Approved Suppliers are classified in four types AA, A, B and C considering their impact on Frigoglass cost and Supply Risk or importance.

Strategic product suppliers (AA): Compressors, Glass, HEX, Injection Plastics, Polyurethane, Silk Screening, Electronic Controller, Electronic Motors, Shaded Pole Motors, LED, PSU.

Bottleneck product suppliers (A): Ballast, Electrical Components, Fluorescent Tubes, Power Stabilizers, Thermostats, WOT, Brazing Materials, Refrigerants, Roll Bond, Hinges and Dressing Kits.

Cost leverage product suppliers (B): Aluminum Profiles, Extrusion, Copper Tubes, Metal Processing and Metal Components (other than Hinges), Steel and Pre-painted Steel, Shelves.

Routine product suppliers (C): Copper Components, Fastening Material, Magnetic Gasket, Powder, Thermoforming, Aluminum Sheets, Assembled Door, Asset Tags, Carton Box, EPS, Gases, Honeycomb, Inox Steel, Labels and Manuals, Locks, Night Blinds, Other Materials, Plastics Bag and Stretch Film, Plastics Sheets, Printing Material, Silicones, Tapes and other Packaging Material, Timers & Thermometers and Wooden Pallets.


Frigoglass maintains lists of candidate suppliers at both the local and central level. These lists are regularly updated on the basis of the company’s evolving business needs as well as on the basis of our operational targets regarding supplier base consolidation, quality, performance, volume & value allocation. Through its Procurement & Logistics function, Frigoglass actively scans its local and regional markets in search of new partners. At the same time, suppliers are also encouraged to approach Frigoglass at their own initiative for a possible cooperation. Candidate suppliers are asked to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement and confirm their interest in taking part in the Frigoglass bid process. They are also requested to provide Frigoglass with initial operational information about their company. The evaluation of candidate suppliers consists of:

  • Product approval (sample approval and production trial conducted by Frigoglass Product Development), and
  • Supplier approval through on-site audit of supplier premises (particularly for suppliers in AA and A categories). The purpose of this audit is to assess the supplier’s capability and their efficiency to produce, to control and to deliver Sustainable Quality Products on time and in full.
  • For more details on the relevant audit areas as well as on required documentation to be readily available during an audit please download the following document.
Frigoglass Indicative list of items for Audit


Commercial evaluation:

Frigoglass sends official Requests for Quotation (RfQs) to current Approved suppliers as well as to new Potential suppliers (i.e. candidate suppliers who successfully passed the evaluation process) for the requested materials or services.

  • All suppliers receive identical information covering aspects such as the Frigoglass strategy and objectives in purchasing the requested materials or services, volumes, values and location of purchases, commercial terms (payment terms, duration of agreement etc), technical specifications and drawings, procedure of evaluation of the quotation, instructions on the quotation format and deadlines.
  • Key expectations of Frigoglass from the RfQ process include:

1.  Competitive cost.

2.  Framework agreements for Strategic raw materials and components.

3.  Stable raw material and components Quality.

4.  Fixed prices for all raw material and components.

5.  Security of supply On-Time & In-Full.

6.  Safety stock at suppliers’ premises for long lead-time raw materials and components.

7.  Guaranteed lead-time.

8.  Warranty.

9.  Extended payment terms.

10. Corporate prices.

  • Key documents received (to be completed and/or acknowledged) by all suppliers include at least the following:

1.  RfQ document (for more details please download the respective document below)

2.  Frigoglass Supplier Code

3.  Conflict Minerals Certification form

Frigoglass Indicative structure of RfQ Document

Following the submission and evaluation of the initial quotations, suppliers will be asked to participate in 1-to-1 negotiation meetings with the Frigoglass teams and subsequently submit their final quotations. Upon final evaluation of the revised quotations, selected suppliers are listed in the Approved Suppliers’ Lists.

Performance assessment:

Our supplier audit procedure, as part of our supplier risk management strategy, comprises a number of performance measures under manufacturing, quality performance, order cycle management and sustainability, providing an opportunity for continuous improvement, feedback and dialogue. With a particular focus on sustainability, these audits assess the supplier’s approach to environmental management, social compliance practices including human rights and labor laws, as well as an overall approach to other sustainability performance practices. Frigoglass has been conducting supplier audits since 2011, with a minimum of 30 audits completed each year.

The purpose of these audits is to measure the performance of Frigoglass Strategic (AA) and Bottleneck Product (A) component suppliers using the Supplier Score Card (SSC) tool. Based on the achieved score, suppliers are classified in 3 tiers while corrective actions are established to improve their scoring and subsequently the quality of their products and services to Frigoglass. Product and Service characteristics are classified in three types, namely critical, major and minor to performance. Critical characteristics include aspects such as defective components, delivery performance and field complaints.

Suppliers’ performance is measured:

  • On a quarterly (3-months) basis in two basic areas: Product & Services Characteristics, taking into account aspects such as Product Quality, Deliveries and responsiveness.
  • On an annual basis for the Commercial characteristics, taking into account price and other commercial terms.

Suppliers are classified on a quarterly basis according to their product & service performance in 3 categories. Suppliers not classified in category 1 (score above 75%), receive official warning from Frigoglass and are requested to prepare a specific corrective action plan and improve performance.


  • Events: The Frigoglass Supply Chain Conference offers a great opportunity for our suppliers to engage with Frigoglass and our people, through a series of presentations, workshops and other activities, and to align our targets and strategies and discuss future projects and opportunities.
  • Contacts: To get more information or contact our Procurement & Logistics team, you can click the Contact tab in the top menu and choose “Suppliers” as the topic in the designated cell.