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Providing customers with excellence in operations and best-in-class services, through a unique, innovative, integrated customer service program, materially supporting them in the management of their cold drink equipment fleet and allowing them to significantly reduce total cost of ownership as well as to dedicate even more time and resources on selling more beverages.



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Frigoglass Standard Warranty Services are offered as part of the ICM sales process, at no cost to the customer for a specified period, against defects in workmanship and materials, following proper installation and usage.

It includes spare parts and labour for repairing all in-warranty faults according to the Frigoglass Standard Warranty Options, Terms & Conditions, should the customer select the Parts & Labour Service Option.

Post Warranty Service is a customised, tailor-made service, offering the repair of the ICM fleet, or of the entire cold drink equipment fleet, either in the marketplace or in the warehouse.

It can complement standard warranty service activities, to include Preventive Maintenance as frequently as needed and non-valid warranty repairs in the market.

We ensure efficient operation and best-in-class service performance of our Post Warranty Service through our eService (CRM) platform & Frigoglass Mobile Service (FMS), with which we manage the repair calls.

Whether the customer wants to change the image of their cold drink equipment in the marketplace; introduce, advertise and promote a new brand; completely upgrade their ICMs; conform to environmental regulations; or upgrade instead of dispose of their assets for financial reasons, Frigoglass Service has the right solution for their respective needs with our Rebranding and Refurbishment service options.

One-To-One Placement (1-2-1) involves the transportation and installation of cold drink equipment units to specified outlet in the marketplace, ensuring efficiency and timely delivery, as well as the appropriate procedures for the installation.

Frigoglass Service Spare Parts Management is an integrated part of Frigoglass Warranty and Post Warranty Services, allowing Frigoglass Service to offer high quality service to its customers and focuses on delivery service optimization, availability of spare parts worldwide, elimination of customers’ spare parts stocks and warehousing, and consequently of working capital.

Preventive Maintenance (PM) services ensure that ICM operational performance is secured whilst downtime costs and lost sales are minimized.

Main activities during PM include checking and repairing/replacing of parts in the following areas: Mechanical System, Electrical System and Refrigeration System.

The Frigoglass Service technical personnel, through its extensive experience in field services and ICMs, can share best practices and provide training to the customers’ technical teams and supervisors. Such training sessions can be arranged worldwide, either at the customer’s premises or at Frigoglass dedicated technical centres.