Purpose & Values

Frigoglass is a strategic partner to the world’s top beverage brands. We are one of the global leaders in the Ice Cold Merchandisers (ICM) market and the principal supplier of glass packaging in the high growth markets of West Africa.

Our bespoke coolers enhance our customers’ beverage branding and facilitate immediate beverage consumption. At the same time, our leading innovations in the field of green refrigeration enable our customers to meet their sustainability and carbon emissions reduction targets.

With its footprint, Frigoglass is well established in the more mature European markets while it is evolving and establishing its position in emerging markets. We support our customers through manufacturing facilities in eight countries and an extensive network of sales and after-sales representatives.

In our glass bottle business, we are focused on the markets in Africa and the Middle East, which are prime regions of investment for our customers. We aim to create value for our customers by building on our position as a leading supplier of glass bottles and complementary packaging solutions in West Africa and the Middle East.

Our purpose

With a strong focus on our customers – the beverage companies all around the world – the Frigoglass team is
inspired by a clear purpose.

Our values

Everyone associated with FRIGOGLASS – our employees, customers, suppliers, shareholders and government authorities – appreciate our commitment to conducting business honestly and openly, adhering to the highest ethical standards.

Shareholder value
One of our primary concerns is to maximize shareholder value in an honest, responsible and lawful manner. By achieving sales growth, controlling operating costs, improving operating margins, and maintaining robust financial ratios, we can achieve healthy growth and deliver increased value to our shareholders.

In order to ensure long-term prosperity for our company we adhere to the highest quality standards. Each member of Frigoglass is fully committed to achieving total quality in products, customer services, operations and human resources.

Our success depends on our people – how they are selected, developed, challenged and rewarded – and on how well they work together as team members. Our management style, human resources programs, reward system and work environment are geared towards maximizing our people’s loyalty, commitment, professionalism, and performance.

Market leadership
We are committed to maintaining our leadership position in every market in which we do business, offering value to our customers through innovative and bespoke products and services, and by responding quickly and effectively to their evolving needs.

Social responsibility
Our business objectives are executed with respect for the environment and responsibility towards the communities in which we operate. We are committed to our responsibilities towards our employees, customers, suppliers and the general public. We strive not only to address problems but also to support worthy social initiatives.