Debtholder Information

Bond & credit facilities

Frigoglass main funding sources are bond financing and committed bank facilities.

Outstanding bond

On May 2013, Frigoglass Finance B.V.* has successfully issued €250 million Senior Notes due May 15, 2018 at a fixed coupon of 8.25%. The Notes are listed on the Luxembourg Stock Exchange’s Euro MTF market.

Amount Coupon Issue Date Maturity Date ISIN (Reg S)**
€250m 8.25% May 20, 2013 May 15, 2018 XS0932291007

* Frigoglass Finance B.V. (overseas company number C034195) West Africa House, Hanger Lane, Ealing, London W5 3QP (UK establishment registered number BR019283).

** Rule 144A ISIN code: XS0932307282

The senior unsecured notes issued by Frigoglass Finance B.V. have a rating of CC from S&P and Ca from Moody’s.

Bank facilities

On May 2013, Frigoglass Finance B.V. has signed two bilateral Committed Revolving Credit Facilities of a total amount of €50 million. These facilities will be used for general corporate purposes and carries a floating interest rate over EURIBOR and LIBOR.

Credit ratings

The Group maintains credit ratings with Standard and Poor’s Ratings Services and Moody’s Investors Service.

Rating Agencies Standard and Poor’s Moody’s
Rating SD Caa3
Outlook  – Negative
Last review 25 May 2017 28 June 2017
Credit Analyst Maxime Puget Lorenzo Re