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Frigoglass Standard Warranty Services are offered as part of the ICM sales process, at no cost to the customer for a specified period, against defects in workmanship and materials, following proper installation and usage.

It includes spare parts and labour for repairing all in-warranty faults according to the Frigoglass Standard Warranty Options, Terms & Conditions, should the customer select the Parts & Labour Service Option.


Customers, when purchasing ICMs from Frigoglass supplier, have the choice of selecting one of the available Warranty Options, subject to local availability. Such Warranty Options and their respective rights and remedies, are offered instead of any other warranty or guarantee, statutory or otherwise.  Thus, by selecting any of such Warranty Options, the customer agrees to limit its respective rights and remedies to such Warranty Option terms only. Regardless of the Warranty Option selected by the customer, the supplier grants a seven (7) years anti-corrosion warranty for the ICM cabinet, under the conditions described in the instruction manuals.


(Frigoglass Warranty Options & Terms are available upon request)