Spare Parts Management

Frigoglass Service Spare Parts Management is an integrated part of Frigoglass Warranty and Post Warranty Services, allowing Frigoglass Service to offer high quality service to its customers and focuses on:

  • Delivery service optimization
  • Availability of spare parts worldwide
  • Elimination of customers’ spare parts stocks and warehousing, and consequently of working capital

Demand forecasting and planning

Demand forecasting and planning is undertaken to ensure optimum stock availability and to shorten lead times using a special IT tool

Central and local warehouses

Central and local warehouses are being introduced on a need basis to meet customer service requirements, ensure worldwide availability of stock and to minimise or even eliminate customers’ stocks and warehousing, thus reducing reserved working capital and storage areas.

Moreover it reduces customers’ internal operating and administration costs and resources utilized for warehousing, budgeting, ordering and management. This leads to a significant increase in return on investment and reduction in operating expenses.