Frigoglass SAIC Investor Relations

As of April 27, 2023, Frigoglass S.A.I.C. holds a 15% equity stake in Frigo DebtCo PLC.

Frigo DebtCo Plc controls Frigoglass Group and has its own Board of Directors and Management team.


Frigoglass S.A.I.C. and the capital markets

In our communication with the capital markets, we aim to supply relevant, reliable, accurate and updated information about Frigoglass S.A.I.C.’s developments and financial position.

Frigoglass Investor Relations function organizes meetings for investors and analysts. Investor meetings are held at our head office in Athens, Greece, as well as within the context of investor roadshows, both in Greece and abroad.

Frigoglass Investors Relations also interacts daily with the capital markets. Furthermore, during our Annual General Meeting shareholders and investors have the opportunity to interact with the company.

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Vasileios Soulis
Tel. : + 30 210 6165711
Fax : + 30 210 6199097
Email :
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15, A. Metaxa str.
145 64 Kifissia
Athens, GREECE

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