Preventive Maintenance

Preventive Maintenance (PM) services ensure that ICM operational performance is secured whilst downtime costs and lost sales are minimized. Main activities during PM include checking and repairing/replacing of parts in the following areas

Mechanical System

  • Checking/Fixing of the correct positioning of the equipment & levelling of the equipment.
  • Checking/Fixing of the front and back grid.
  • Checking/Fixing the self-closing system of the door.
  • Checking/Fixing correctly the fan support and fan grid.
  • Checking/Unclogging of the draining system.
  • Checking of noise from the fan motors.

Electrical System

  • Checking/Fixing of the power cable (replacement if needed).
  • Checking/Fixing of the illumination system.
  • Checking/Fixing of the electrical connections.
  • Checking/Fixing the proper installation of the thermostat’s or electronic controller’s electrical box cover.

Refrigeration system

  • Cleaning of the condenser & filter, if applicable.
  • Checking/Fixing of the compressor functioning.
  • Checking/Fixing of the starting relay, overload and capacitor.
  • Checking/Fixing of the fan motor condenser and fan motor evaporator.
  • Checking/Fixing of the well-functioning of the thermostat and its position or the electronic controller and its components.
  • Checking/Fixing the cooling performance of the refrigeration equipment.
  • Checking the cooling circuit with the appropriate leak detector in case that there is any sign or doubt of refrigerant lack/Fixing any leakage.


Preventive Maintenance aims to maintain the cold drink equipment at its optimum performance level, to identify faults and potential problems, to ensure safety of operation and to alert of any extra maintenance requirements in a timely manner. By offering and organizing a PM schedule, we ensure top performance of the cold drink equipment including energy consumption optimization and, most importantly, extension of the useful lifetime.