Post Warranty

Post Warranty Service is a customised, tailor-made service, offering the repair of the ICM fleet, or of the entire cold drink equipment fleet, either in the marketplace or in the warehouse.

It can complement standard warranty service activities, to include Preventive Maintenance as frequently as needed and non-valid warranty repairs in the market. During or after the warranty period, customers can be assured that their cold drink equipment fleet operates efficiently, in an uninterrupted manner and to its full potential, enhancing brand image and ensuring customer satisfaction.

Post Warranty Service (PWS) is a customised tailor-made service, offering the repair of cold drink equipment, either in the marketplace or in the warehouse, to ensure efficient operation and the timely repair of any malfunction or aesthetic issue the customer considers necessary, at a fixed and affordable price.

Our flexible range of PWS products is designed to meet each customer’s unique and specific requirements in terms of response times, spare parts availability and management, on-site and warehouse repairs, Preventive Maintenance (PM) performance, budget simplification and control, etc.

  • Customer and Frigoglass Service agree on the services that are required (which usually include all the warranty services as well as additional services).
  • Planned on a yearly (or for longer period) basis.
  • Can support the customer’s entire cold drink equipment fleet (and even non-Frigoglass ICM and other cold drink equipment, such as post-mix, water dispensers, vending machines, drafts, etc.).

We ensure efficient operation and best-in-class service performance of our PWS through our eService system (CRM platform).