The Frigoglass advantage

Our innovative coolers enhance our customers’ branding impact at the point of sale and drive impulse consumption. In parallel to maximizing merchandising opportunities for our customers, we are committed to providing increasingly environmentally friendly product solutions which enable our customers to meet ambitious sustainability and carbon emission reduction targets.

Merchandizing Strength stimulating beverage sales

Branding, rebranding, upbranding

...by catering for all different customer placement needs.


We put brands at the spotlight. Highly focused, cost-efficient LED illumination enables our customer's brands to stand out at the point of sale.

Ideal temperature

We guarantee the perfect drinking experience for the end user keeping beverages at the right temperature, irrespective of the external conditions. Perfectly cold, always and anywhere.

Use of headphones is suggested for greater sound accuracy
Past 63dBA

Low noise

We offer best-in-class noise level of coolers using novel low-noise practices and innovations.

Technical Excellence optimizing operating costs

Sustainability Leadership reducing carbon footprint

Refrigerant conversion (Europe)

Green refrigerants

Pioneers in developing HFC-free solutions, both HC and CO2 since 2005, actively supporting and enabling our customers to meet ambitious sustainability targets.

95% Recyclable
Daily energy consumption
(large single door model)
Annual equivalent GHG emissions
(in thousand metric tons per 100K units)

Total recyclability

Our goal is to reduce materials use and recycle as much as possible. We aim to achieve this by developing products that use fewer materials as well as through advanced assembly techniques that facilitate disassembly and recyclability.

70% Metal Parts
15% Glass
10% Plastics
5% Remaining
(Recyclable or
Properly Disposable)

Product life cycle assessment

“Cradle to grave” analysis of the impact our coolers have on the environment, through rigorous, interactive data gathering and gap analysis, examining our product’s lifecycle from the extraction of raw materials, through manufacture, transport, installation, use and disposal and identifying those specific stages that contribute the most to the cooler’s environmental footprint. Our detailed LCA findings feed into our product development process (both for existing and new products), aiming to make concentrated changes to further improve the efficiency of our complete product offering.