One-To-One Placement

One-to-one Placement (1-2-1) involves the transportation and installation of cold drink equipment units to specified outlet in the marketplace, ensuring efficiency and timely delivery, as well as the appropriate procedures for the installation.

A key benefit of the One-To-One Placement is also the reduction of the time and complexity for the customer in the period between the purchase of a unit and its placement in the marketplace, allowing faster commencement of sales. Furthermore, Frigoglass Service can assume all responsibilities such as inbound handling and warehousing, transportation, outbound handling and dispatching, commissioning in the marketplace, thereby ensuring quality of service and the reduction of administrative costs from the time that ICMs are purchased until they are operational in the marketplace.

Basic one-to-one services include

  • ICM warehousing
  • Placement order handling:
    • Order receipt
    • Planning and administration routing
  • Transportation from the warehouse and delivery to final outlet
    • Loading/unloading
    • Transportation
    • Delivery to final outlet
    • Final receipt confirmation and agreement

Additional services can include

  • Installation of the ICM in the outlet (unpacking/ assembly/ commissioning)
  • Express and time-specific delivery requirements
  • Removal from the outlet (in combination with warehousing, rebranding, refurbishment)
  • Placement in another outlet
  • Concurrent removal and replacement with another ICM in the same outlet
  • Merchandising

We ensure efficient operations and full progress visibility of our One-To-One Placement through our eService system (CRM platform).