Frigoglass Excellence System

Frigoglass Excellence System is a comprehensive operational platform integrating corporate principles and culture with operating systems, methods and tools. It embraces all business operating aspects of suppliers management, manufacturing operations, product innovation and of course, people development. Our overarching goal is the generation of value for our customers, comprising best-in-class quality, differentiation, competitive offering and timely availability.

Quality Policy

The FES underlying principle is to strive for continuous improvement, in all operational aspects, leveraging upon a solid foundation of values such as Belonging, Integrity and Ownership.


Supply base rationalization and optimization, performance management, development, involvement in innovation and operational integration are the key phases in the Pillar of Suppliers deployment.

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Manufacturing operations

Lean manufacturing, already deployed at our European manufacturing hubs, aims at a sustainable, virtuous circle of waste identification and eradication, of all kinds.

Efficiencies in all possible areas of material and human resources usage, allows us, going forward, to shield ourselves against challenges associated with a highly volatile market environment, securing sustainable and profitable growth.

Product innovation

The ultimate goal is right, first-time designs, fit for purpose and fit for manufacturability and sourcing, while leveraging Frigoglass’ strongest competence, the long and deep knowledge and know-how in the beverage refrigeration industry. Our objective is offering our customers “green” innovation with competitive total cost of ownership, which will help them differentiate at the point of sale, while supporting their sustainability strategy.

Product and process reliability management is the ‘lean’ approach in governing new product innovation within the FES context.

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A core element of the FES platform is to provide continuous development to our people. In Frigoglass we are working to develop a culture that fosters our values and enables teamwork and ownership, while at the same time allowing our people to have the opportunities to learn and grow.

The Frigoglass Excellence System can only function through a highly motivated organization with unparalleled talent and a high performance mindset.

People & Careers