Solar-200 [R134a]

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Solar-200 [R134a]


Solar Energy Benefits
  • Solar panels produce zero emissions and are therefore
    ideally environmentally friendly
  • Solar energy is sustainable and renewable and is
    a natural source of power
  • No noise generated (compared to the use of power generators)
  • After initial equipment investment solar energy is free of cost
  • Solar energy is available everywhere there is access to sunlight and therefore ideally suited to remote placements independent of a power grid
Key Benefits
  • Uses solar energy
  • Integral solar charge controller
  • Twin integrated solar panel
  • Integral sealed deep cycle battery
  • High efficiency DC cooling system
  • Long life high intensity LED light
  • Grey “safetyshield” glass with low emissivity coating


  • Door Lock
  • Coca-Cola bottle shape handle
  • Branding back panel decals

Tech Specs

Capacity: 224 Lt

Ext. Dimensions: 586 x 605 x 1340

Facing: 7

Cabin Type: Open Front/Top & Other