Smartop-60 [R134a]

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Smartop-60 [R134a]


Premium aesthetics
  • Unique door frame design
  • Full branding of top and bottom parts
  • Illumination of the top door frame; canopy effect without a canopy
  • Premium plastic parts; glossy door frame
Compact size
  • Fits every outlet & counter
  • Optimal footprint and capacity
Internal cabin illumination
  • Brighter products
  • Impulse creation
Reversible door
Easy serviceability
  • Low maintenance condenser
  • Easy to access cooling mechanism
  • Simple to service on the spot

Tech Specs

Capacity: 57 Lt

Ext. Dimensions: 44.7 x 49.3 x 66.7 cm

Facing: 5

Cabin Type: Counter Tops & Back-of-Bars