Bar-45 [R600]

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Bar-45 [R600]


Compact size
  • Horizontal design with optimized capacity for 250/500ml cans and 500ml PETs
  • Fits most racks and counters
  • Downwards opening hinged door with absorber for smooth operation
Ideal for cross merchandizing
  • Allows to place chilled with complimentary non-chilled products (i.e. drinks & crisps)


High reliability and robustness
  • Aluminum door frame and handle
  • Maintenance-free condenser
  • Magnetic basket


Strong product/brand visibility
  • Efficient LED product illumination
  • Optional 270-degrees branding and door sticker
  • Rigid top panel for additional product placement and display (ambient temperature)



  • Sticker branding on sides and back
  • Door sticker
  • Customized graphics and color options
  • LED illuminated top panel
  • LED illuminated door logo

Tech Specs

Capacity: 46 Lt

Ext. Dimensions: 89.9 x 42.5 x 41.2 cm

Facing: 11

Cabin Type: Counter Tops & Back-of-Bars