SL-1140 [R290] FFD

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SL-1140 [R290] FFD


The ideal merchandising solution for outlets
  • Great product visibility
  • Easily adjustable shelves
  • Ideal for many brands, many SKUs
  • Sliding door system with self-closing mechanism allows placement in narrow corridor areas
  • Doors can be easily removed


Large product display
  • Branded, illuminated, glass decal
  • Printed side panels
  • Optional back sticker


High reliability & robustness
  • Plastic door frame and galvanized metallic grid
  • High quality galvanized painted metal sheet for inner &outer cabin


Easy Service
  • Sliding mechanism provides easy access to entire cooling system from front w/o having to move the unit


Reduced cost of ownership
  • Full free condenser
  • Standard LED illumination



  • 4 Vertical LEDs
  • Energy management Device (EMD)
  • Internal protector/ stabilizer
  • Price profile with branded strips
  • Extra shelf


Tech Specs

Capacity: 937 Lt

Ext. Dimensions: 102.5 x 67.4 x 203.0 cm

Facing: 14

Cabin Type: Double/Triple Doors