ICOOL-150 Platinum [R290]

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ICOOL-150 Platinum [R290]


Large capacity vs. footprint
  • Coca-Cola exclusive , premium ICM design to stand out
    at the POS
  • Globally-proven cabin size, ideal for back of bar placement
  • Bright illumination to enhance impulse buying
  • Standard LED illuminated bottle contour logo on the door
  • Silent operation
  • Self-closing door
Increased reliability and robustness
  • Metallic ICOOL distinctive frame
  • Cabin made out of high quality galvanized metal sheets
Easy servicing and reduced Cost of Ownership
  • Easy dis-/assembly and access to components
  • Simple to service on the spot
  • Low-maintenance condenser
  • Standard LED illumination
Easy to rebrand and up-brand


  • Various lock types
  • Protection against current leakage to earth
  • Rollers replacing feet

Tech Specs

Capacity: 136 Lt

Ext. Dimensions: 50.0 x 63.4 x 86.8 cm

Facing: 6

Cabin Type: Counter Tops & Back-of-Bars