Flex-130C [R600]

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Flex-130C [R600]


Compact size
  • Small footprint combined with slim design fits every outlet and drives impulse buying
High reliability and robustness
Strong product/brand visibility
  • Highly efficient LED product illumination
  • Illuminated branded canopy


  • Aluminum door frame
  • Self-closing door (not compatible with reverable door option)
  • Second vertical LED lighting
  • LED on door installation
  • LED advertising on the door
  • Reversible door option (not compatible with self-closing door mechanism and LED on door)
  • Customized graphics and color options
  • Door lock
  • External door handle
  • Chrome shelves
  • Plastic shelf profiles

Tech Specs

Capacity: 166 Lt

Ext. Dimensions: 40.3 x 43.5 x 190 cm

Facing: 8

Cabin Type: Single Doors