Easy Reach-130 [R404]

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Easy Reach-130 [R404]


Minimal Energy Consumption
  • Night Curtain with Energy Management Device (EMD)
No barrier ICM
  • Enhanced impulse purchase through large open
    display area
  • Enhanced product visibility; Ideal merchandising
    tool for promotions
Frost-free evaporator
  • Smarting defrosting system & accurate temperature
    control through EMD
Easy merchandising
  • Flexible shelving system
  • Easy loading
Strong Branding
  • Branded illuminated top canopy
  • One large bottom branded canopy, two screen
    printed side-stickers
Easy serviceability
  • Easy access to cooling mechanism


  • Full LED illumination
  • Branding of columns with stickers
  • Price profiles with branded strips
  • Customization of external plastics colour

Tech Specs

Capacity: 1400 Lt

Ext. Dimensions: 130.0 x 92.9 x 213.8 cm

Facing: 16

Cabin Type: Open Front/Top & Other