CMV-375 [R600a]

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CMV-375 [R600a]


Widely proven ICM solution
  • The ideal merchandising solution for various trade channels
  • Great product visibility and sufficient capacity with moderate footprint requirements
Top-in-class environmental footprint
  • Minimum Energy Consumption that can be further minimized through respective functional options
Easy serviceability
  • Low-maintenance condenser
  • Easy access to cooling mechanism


  • Full LED illumination
  • Energy Management Device (EMD)
  • Vertical lighting
  • Light switch
  • Self-closing door
  • Metallic grid
  • External handle
  • Door lock
  • Full door transparent sticker
    (between glass panes or
    on outer pane)

Tech Specs

Capacity: 355 Lt

Ext. Dimensions: 59.0 x 62.0 x 207.0 cm

Facing: 7

Cabin Type: Single Doors