Beta Glass Investors

Beta Glass is a member of the Frigoglass Group, a strategic partner to beverage bottlers internationally. Beta Glass is the major supplier of glass packaging in the emerging markets of West Africa.
Through a wide range of glass containers, Beta Glass provides superior packaging solutions to a variety of customers operating in the soft drinks, beer, spirit, cosmetics and pharmaceutical market segments.
In our communication with the capital markets, we aim to supply relevant, reliable, accurate and updated information regarding Beta Glass developments and financial position. Financial information is supplied through our annual and quarterly reports.

Financial results

Annual Reports

BetaGlass Annual Report 2016

Investor contacts

Shanker Dhanikonda
Beta Glass Investor Relations
Tel. : +234 1 906 3203
Fax : +234 1 2806701
Email :

John Stamatakos
Group Investor Relations
Tel. : + 30 210 6165767
Fax : + 30 210 6199097
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Mailing Address
Beta Glass PLC
Iddo House, Iddo, Lagos
PO Box 159, Lagos